A Harvard-Stanford study concluded that one’s career success is based on 85% “soft skills” and only 15% technical skills...

University of Massachusetts survey concluded 86% of employers consider soft skills to be among their most important hiring criteria.

One has less than seven (7) seconds to make an impression.

One never has a second chance for a great first impression.

The Protocol School of Indianapolis wants you to achieve your professional and personal goals. To accomplish this and to refine your social savviness and confidence, we work together by offering customized individual and/or group courses complete with follow-up progress reports. For your convenience, some courses are available either in a downtown or North side location with flexible dates and times. Pending availability, language translation services may be provided for an additional cost.

Don’t see what course you are looking for? Please contact us for a customized program tailor made for your needs.

Social Etiquette

Courses range from refining social graces, asking Beverly your most burning etiquette dilemmas during “Etiquette Power Hour,” men becoming “Perfect Gentlemen,” to ensuring you have a flawless wedding.

Dining Etiquette

For today’s multi-tasking workforce, mealtime is often meeting or interview time. If you know your way around a place setting, understand the nuances of good table manners, and can successfully practice the protocol of dynamic dining, you will wow your client, prospective employer, or future significant other, while others may still be fumbling over which fork to use.

Business Etiquette

It is a jungle out there in today’s fiercely competitive marketplace, and employers need professionals who can handle themselves and are at ease, be it in conducting one-on-one communications or addressing a crowd of peers at important presentations. Companies value individuals that can network effectively and adapt to a variety of social and business situations.

University Etiquette

Comprehensive lessons from how to prepare, what to do during, and after. Includes second job interviews being conducted during a meal to observe the interviewee’s reactions in social situations.

International Protocol

We teach you how to interact with business people all around the world so you can get the job, sign the deal and grow your business. This seminar will help you avoid gaffes and create business relationships that will have a positive impact on your bottom line. You’ll learn to be sensitive to hot-button issues internationally.

Youth Etiquette

Introduces the building blocks of character (integrity, honesty, responsibility, respect, kindness, compassion, loyalty, self-esteem, etc.), appropriate behavior, and public conduct.

Young Adult Etiquette

When a teen has strong social skills and understands how to treat others respectfully and politely, he can navigate virtually anything from a college or job interview to a conversation with a teacher to meeting a new girlfriend’s father.

Hotel Staff Training

Hospitality protocol and service etiquette training program covering the finest of details.

Restaurant & Wait Staff Training

From private home staff to wait at fine dining establishments, employees will learn how to properly serve formal meals, work on customer service skills and sharpen every detail.

Medical & Dental Etiquette

Patients, more than ever, expect a quality experience from making an appointment to leaving the office or hospital. There is good evidence suggesting that a large number of malpractice cases are rooted in discourtesy and bad behavior on the part of the physician, hospital and/or office staff. Therefore, social skills training for physicians and staff can be invaluable.

Online Courses

Online Courses launching late fall, including downloadable or DVD versions. Our video courses will be aimed at elevating your social skills in business, improving your leadership skills, and making you feel more confident in business situations.

Custom Etiquette Training

We strive to offer courses to meet everyone's needs. Please contact us for a more tailored and personalized etiquette course.