Business Etiquette

It is a jungle out there in today’s fiercely competitive marketplace, and employers need professionals who can handle themselves and are at ease, be it in conducting one-on-one communications or addressing a crowd of peers at important presentations. Do you have what it takes to outshine your competition in your field and stand out as a stellar performer? You can set yourself apart from the competition. It will open up plethora of good career prospects and job opportunities.

Get the Competitive Edge to Master Networking & Corporate Communication Skills

Business executives routinely find themselves in situations where they must communicate effectively with clients and colleagues. Understanding the intricacies of networking is what thoughtful business owners and major corporations consider an executive survival skill. Effective networking takes effort and practice. People like doing business with people they respect and trust.  A good communicator knows how to put others at ease.

This is an hour-and-a-half hour class. A majority of executives break out into a sweat thinking about meeting and making conversation with new acquaintances.  Companies are looking for persons who can network effectively and adapt to a variety of social and business situations.  Learn the art of schmoozing and gain the self-confidence needed to mingle with anyone at any occasion.  Your personal networking strategy will be developed, too.

  • Making a Powerful Entrance
  • First Impressions Are Lasting
  • Conversation Skill Basics
  • Breaking Into an Existing Conversation
  • Body Language to Avoid
  • Balancing Food & Drink
  • Tips for hosting, toasting and giving strong speeches
  • Breaking Free from a Conversation
  • The Art of The Business Card
  • Technology Courtesy
  • Social Media Savvy
  • And more…

Professional Presence 101: Savvy to Set You Apart

This is an hour-and-a-half hour class.  Set yourself apart from the competition by refining yourself to project a sense of poise/self-assurance at work that creates power, credibility and competence.

Topics include:

  • The Proper Introduction
  • Proper Responses to Introductions
  • Tips for Remembering Names
  • A Handshake that Matters
  • Business Card Protocol
  • Eye Contact
  • Body Language Basics
  • Technology Faux Pas
  • And more…

Professional Image: Be Your Best Self

This is a two and-a-half hour course.  Enhance your personal brand-your physical and on-line appearance. Learn what your clothing, style, voice, and body language says about you. LinkedIn, portfolios, personal websites will be addressed. It is all in the little details.

  • Nine Wardrobe Categories
  • Business Casual Defined
  • Top Ten Wardrobe Blunders
  • Essential Accessories
  • Travel Necessities
  • Attire Do’s & Don’ts-What Not to Wear and Why
  • What Your Clothing Says About You
  • How Your Voice Can Work For or Against You

Etiquette in the Electronic Age: Effective Communication for Today’s Technology

In this day of social media, it has never been so easy to reach and touch your colleagues-or so difficult!  Technology will positively impact the industry twofold.  One, the population will need to know how to use it properly, two, as we use more technology, we lessen our face-to-face time, which decreases our social interaction skills.  We will talk about the cautions of modern technology, the best means to utilize it to your advantage, and the common technology traps that keep you from effective communication.  In an overly connected world, it’s easy to accidentally say or do the wrong thing. Unfortunately, missteps in business can lead to serious consequences.

  • Cell Phone and Texting Etiquette
  • E-mail Etiquette
  • Voicemail Dos and Don’ts
  • Phone, Video, Skype and Web Conferencing
  • Social Networking Etiquette (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn)