Benefits of Etiquette and International Protocol Training


A Harvard – Stanford study concluded that

one’s success (particularly in the workplace) is based on 85% social skills

and less than 15% technical skills…

As corporations, universities, and organizations know, inappropriate employee behavior both inside and outside the office can cost a company dearly. New-hires and entry-level hires on the loose per se will make or break your corporate reputation. Do you have employees you would like to promote, but they lack the social skills and professional presence that is necessary for the position?  To increase your ROI and renew employee confidence, invest in your staff by providing them with practical workplace etiquette skill training, have them learn how to handle deals while dining with clients, and successfully close deals while on an international business trip.

Future career professionals, are you wondering in what ways you will benefit from Etiquette Training?

  • You will be more comfortable in professional and social settings.
  • Your Credibility will be strengthened.
  • You will enhance your self-confidence.
  • You will gain a competitive edge to get that job you dreamed of and quickly advance.
  • You will gain a competitive edge to get into the school of your choice.
  • Your value as an employee will increase (raises!)
  • You will develop your Leadership skills.
  • You will strengthen your communication skills.
  • You will improve your collaboration skills.
  • You will improve your professional image.
  • You will gain respect for yourself and for others.

The Protocol School of Indianapolis provides customized programs varying in length and intensity.  We will work with you to ensure we help your staff deliver results, renewed employee confidence all while increasing your ROI.


“People, like diamonds, have basic market value – but it is only after they have been polished that the world will pay their real value.”

--- William Thourlby


Good manners means good business…

“Your manners are always under examination, and by committees little suspected, awarding or denying you very high prizes when you least think of it”, Ralph Waldo Emerson.