It is a jungle out there in today’s fiercely competitive marketplace, and employers need professionals who can handle themselves and are at ease, be it in conducting one-on-one communications or addressing a crowd of peers at important presentations.  Do you have what it takes to outshine your competition in your field and stand out as a stellar performer? You can set yourself apart from the competition. It will open up plethora of good career prospects and job opportunities.


Business executives routinely find themselves in situations where they must communicate effectively with clients and colleagues. Understanding the intricacies of networking is what thoughtful business owners and major corporations consider an executive survival skill. Effective networking takes effort and practice. People like doing business with people they respect and trust. A good communicator knows how to put others at ease.

Topics include:

  • The Proper Introduction
  • Proper Responses to Introductions
  • Tips for Remembering Names
  • A Handshake that Matters
  • Business Card Protocol
  • Eye Contact
  • Body Language Basics
  • Technology Faux Pas
  • And more…